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  • What is the difference between your product and a factory/mass-produced ceramic object?

Everything I create is handmade and will show the marks of this process, which means that each piece is unique. 

All the pieces I make are hand-thrown on the pottery wheel in my home studio in Amsterdam. After the initial throwing on the wheel the pieces are dried for a day on the shelve before they can be trimmed. Then the piece is air dried for a about a week. When it is completely bone-dry I fire it the kiln for the first time at 950ºC, which results in a bisque fired piece. I then add several layers of glaze, often multiple glazes on a single piece, and it fire it again at 1220ºC.

The production of handmade ceramics is a time-consuming process and I share the process  @dewe_ceramics.

  • How do I care for the product? 

All items are glazed in a food safe & lead free glaze and are dishwasher safe. Despite it being dishwasher safe I recommend to wash it by hand to prevent the coloring getting a little dull overtime.

  • How often do you update your shop?

About once a month I have enough pieces ready to offer them for sale. I will announce this via Instagram. You can follow along @dewe_ceramics.

  • Do you make custom or wholesale orders? 

I have limited time to create custom orders at this time, but you can always contact me if you have anything in mind. Please allow about 4 weeks to complete, because the process of making handmade ceramics is very time consuming (see FAQ question 1).

Please contact me at

  • What are my payment options? 
The payment methods that can be used are Paypal, Visa, Master Card, Discover PayPal, Apple Pay. 

If you prefer to pay with a payment request ('betaalverzoek'), bank transfer or IDeal, this is also possible. Mail to and I will get back to you asap.

  • I saw your Instagram story and there is a product in your shop update that I would like to have, can I reserve it in advance?

I'm afraid I can't reserve a product from an announced shop update for you. I want to keep it as fair as possible for everyone, that's why I announce my shop update specifically with the day and time.