• How is your product made?

Everything I create is handmade and will show the marks of this process, which means that each piece is unique. 

The pieces I make are hand-thrown on the pottery wheel in my studio in Amsterdam. After the initial throwing on the wheel the pieces are dried for a day on the shelf before they can be trimmed. Then the piece is slowly (air) dried for about two weeks. When the clay is completely bone-dry I fire it the kiln for the first time at 950ºC, which results in a bisque fired piece. Then the pieces will be sanded & washed before I  add a layer of glaze and it fire it again at 1230ºC. After the product comes from the kiln I will check the quality and sand the bottoms of the pieces again before packing them up for shipping. 

The production of handmade ceramics is a time-consuming process. A huge amount of work goes into making each individual item you see on this website and each piece is priced with that in mind. Although they are more expensive than what you can find in your average high street shop, keep in mind that they are handmade and all are unique. They are made to last, and are not made to be throwaway pieces. 

I love to share photos & Reels of what I'm working on Instagram: @dewe_ceramics.

  • How do I care for the product? 

My products are meant to be used, held, enjoyed and experienced on a daily basis.

All of the handmade ceramics are made using 100% lead free and food safe glazes. They are created to be both dishwasher and microwave safe. Although the ceramic pieces are created to be durable, a few small practices will help the longevity of the ceramic piece. 

Feel free to put your pottery in the dishwasher. When using the dishwasher try to use a more environmental friendly dishwashing detergent, because these are often less acidic and abrasive. When you wash the dishes by hand use a soft scrub brush and dish soap and avoid metal or abrasive sponges. Towel dry them afterwards. 

The ceramic pieces are very capable of handling hot & cold temperatures, but when a piece is taken from one extreme to another quickly, it can cause it to crack or break. 

It's best not to use them in the oven or expose them to an open flame. 

Unglazed parts 

Most of the ceramics are (partly) unglazed on the exterior. All the pieces are produced with stoneware clay and fired at cone 6, so they will be non-porous and completely vitrified. On the unglazed surface, when using it, you may see oil markings. As you continue to use the ceramics the marking on the unglazed areas will eventually even out. This marking on the unglazed exterior will not effect the safety of the ceramics in any way.

  • Do you make wholesale orders? 

My studio and kiln don't allow me to make large batches of my ceramics, so I'm not able to take wholesale orders at this time.  

  • I would love to order a piece but it isn't available on the website, how can I do this? 

Sometimes I have pieces in stock, but often I have to make it. I love making sets with a specific person in mind, so feel free to contact me.

Made to order items have a minimum of 100 euro (excluding shipping) and currently take 6-8 weeks to finish.

Please contact me for more information at hello@dewe-ceramics.com.

  • What are the payment options? 

The payment methods that can be used through this website are Paypal, Visa, Master Card, Discover PayPal, Apple Pay. 

If you prefer to pay with by bank transfer or IDEAL this is possible. Please use the contact form to place your order and I will get back to you. 

  • What does your business do to be sustainable? 

Clay and glaze recyling 

When I am making the pieces all the scrapes of clay are recycled in a large bucket. Any pots that don’t pass quality control are recycled as well. The recycled clay from these scrapes are reused to make another item at a later date.
Glazes are recycled as well and every now and then turned into a batch of 'recycled mystery glaze'. The color unknown until I unload the kiln, but last time it had a greyish/greenish hue. 

Energy usage 

Using a kiln and firing it to 1220ºC uses a lot of energy, however where that energy comes from is important to me. The energy supplier that I use for my home studio sources 100% from renewables (wind, hydro & solar). I try to  ensure that the kiln is used at full capacity and never fired half empty. 

Sustainable packaging 

I'm packaging all items in cardboard boxes with paper packing tape (both recyclable). The ceramics will be wrapped in Ranpak which is an eco-friendly packing material and cardboard boxes made from recycled materials. If for any reason your item is not wrapped in eco wrap, it will be because I am recycling packaging I already have. I do use a bit of clear plastic tape to cover the address label, so that it stays readable even in rainy weather.  

If you have any suggestions regarding sustainability, you are welcome to send me an email at hello@dewe-ceramics.com.