Before falling in love with making ceramics I worked at a university. And even though everything was fine with my job I felt more and more disconnected from my inner self. I felt that I needed to make a change and pursue what makes me happy. So I took the blind leap and chose to leave my career behind and follow a more connected and meaningful path. 

I began my search for a creative outlet by taking ceramics classes and I fell in love with the process of making things out of clay immediately. I have since spend many hours throwing clay, failing and trying again. What I like about it? I love the texture, the tactility and the fact that it keeps challenging me. I have to use my hands, my creativity and my guts to see how far I can bend the clay until it collapses. And it still often does..

In my designs I like to focus on clean, simple lines and functionality without sacrificing beauty. I embrace minimalism, but also love to bring some coziness into the home. My hope is that my ceramics contribute to a slower paced, more simple lifestyle.

All the ceramic pieces are slowly produced in small batches in my home studio in Amsterdam. Here I throw, trim, dry, glaze, fire & recycle the clay. 

Thank you for visiting my site. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any wishes, thoughts or questions. 

Cheers, Desiree